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Web-based custom tools for SMB in Ottawa / Gatineau region

We offer custom Web-based development solutions for Small-Medium Businesses in Ottawa / Gatineau region.You have information to process, update, create, store and retrieve, search, etc. You need a database and Web-based interface to manage it. You are looking for tools integration. Call us for a quote.

Need an Information Technology (IT) specialist?

Being a small business, you probably can’t afford having your IT specialist on your staff full time! Therefore, wouldn’t be great to just pickup the phone and call someone that can help you on-demand? Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate of how to help you with your Networking, PC or Windows/LINUX software application usage. Here’s a short list of things we have done to customers in the past:

  • Help with Windows XP/7 installation
  • Password recovery PC/laptop
  • Hard drive data recovery
  • General Windows Application help (Excel, Word, etc)
  • Windows Application VBA programming (e.g. Excel automation, etc)
  • Network (TCP/IP) troubleshooting, Router, WiFi Access Point, Ethernet Switch, etc
  • Open Source software installation and configuration for deployment into your network


Contact us via email at sales@webcobalt.com for a quote.